Maggie Makes Four!

This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Back almost a Week!

Where does the time go? It seems just yesterday we were handed a terrified little girl. Today, not ever 3 weeks later, she is a different kid. Here is a brief update on the entire family:

Maggie: Maggie continues to blossom before our eyes. She is a very happy kid, who loves her new home. She enjoys running around with her big sister, rummaging through cabinets and playing with toys. Gone are all her eating issues. The only hurdle we still need to overcome is her fear of the crib. Considering all the changes she has successfully handled to date, there is plenty of time to work on this one. The one thing that has surprised us at home is how active she is. In China, I guess she never had the chance. Now that she is home, she is a nut. If she is awake and not eating, she is in motion.

La Nina: La Nina is fast becoming a great big sister. Yes, there have been some adjustment issues, but she enjoys Maggie and even asked to take Maggie to school to meet her teachers. She has taught Maggie to squeal with delight while playing chase. What a joyful sound they make together! La Nina is exceptionally kind and gentle with Maggie, and we are very proud of how well she is handling this change.

Maggie's Dad: Project Daddy Love is proving very successful. Daddy is now able to hold Maggie and even feed Maggie when Mom can't. (La Nina has been quite concerned about Dad's qualifications for the feeding task.) Maggie now seeks out Daddy for playtime and we both think we have heard her call him by name. Maggie's Dad is just about over the jet lag and proudly showing off pictures at the Hop Yards as I type this.

Maggie's Mom: Now that Maggie's Dad is allowed to help, things are much better for me too. I am quickly adjusting to life with two kids and really enjoying both my girls. I haven't read a book recently, but I am remembering to brush my teeth which didn't happen when we came home with La Nina. I, too, am slowly recovering from jet lag, and now that Maggie is mostly sleeping through the night, I feel much better.

Pete and Hops: The poor dogs! Maggie was terrified of them at first. However, Maggie and Mom take Pete for daily walks and she now finds him very intriguing. She still doesn't like him or Hops to kiss her, but you can tell she is more comfortable around them than at first. The dogs are especially happy to have a new food dropper in the house and enjoy very much the task of cleaning the floor.

I think that is it. We are adjusting and really enjoying the girls. Amazing that we have two little ones running around now!


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