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Friday, September 01, 2006

Dance Lessons

Scene: Harried, mini-van driving Mom dashes into the dance studio where her daughters' are enrolled for lessons. She has just read that there is a dress code for the classes and she's trying to figure out if her daughters' really need the proper leotards for a once a week tap and ballet class.

"May I help you?" asks the peppy teenage clerk.

" daughters are taking lessons here and I just read in the parent handbook they are supposed to wear color coded leotard based on their class level."

"Yes, that is correct. How old are your daughters, ma'am?"

The Mom, stifling anger at the ma'am comment, answers, "Four and a half and almost three."

"Well, you have a Twinkle Star, she should be in Lilac. And a Twinkle Baby, who should be in pink," answered the clerk. She's a little too perky for the Mom's taste.

"Does it really matter?" asks the Mom. "I've already bought them both tap shoes and ballet shoes, do they really need to have special leotards?" The mom is thinking, 'oh c'mon...I'm already out $70 for shoes, not to mention the monthly class fees for two kids, now they're going to fleece me on the leotards? What if they don't last past the end of September in these classes?'

"Oh yes. It's important that your daughters feel part of their class. It's a real connection point for the girls. Sort of like a team uniform. When they move up in class and change their color, it gives them an important sense of accomplishment," the clerk explains as she removes the three styles of leotards from the case. "You can choose from capped sleeve, tank or spaghetti straps in both colors."

"I guess I'll take a small pink tank, and a medium lilac spaghetti," answer the Mom, who is already reaching for her credit card. Oh...why did I sign them up for that Princess Dance Camp this Summer? What was I thinking? the Mom silently wonders.

The girl neatly folds the leotards and begins entering the Mom's name into her computer. She rings up the leotards and turns to the Mom. "Anything else? Are they new to dance? Do you have shoes?"

"Yes, I have shoes," the Mom answers, almost sarcastically.

"Do they have the skirts in these colors?"


"Oh, they have to have skirts, for when they twirl." said the girl. Before the Mom can even open her mouth the girl adds a lilac and pink skirt to the pile and gives the Mom a total. "That will be a lot of money now," the girl says with a smile.

The Mom hands over her credit card and takes the bag of dance clothes. As she turns to leave the shop, the girl calls out, "And don't forget, our winter leotards will come in around Oct. 1. Your girls will need the long sleeve versions and tights too."

The mother roles her eyes and wonders what ever happened to taking dance lessons in shorts and a t-shirt. As she opens the door to leave, another Mom clutching the Parent Handbook enters and she hears her say, "My daughter just started lessons here, and the handbook says...."


  • At 3:58 PM , Blogger JT said...

    Well, at least you can do hand-me-downs on color if Mag continues to do dance- and maybe they can recycle their leotards at gymnastics? I'd also recommend looking for tapshoes on ebay- they can get expensive when the kids feet grow. Yikes! Good luck!

  • At 5:29 PM , Blogger One Lucky Mom said...

    Thanks for the suggestions. A friend with kids at the same studio has a variety of tap shoes in different sizes that we can borrow, and I had already thought about the leotard hand-me-down thing. I wonder if La Nina's will hold up for an entire year. I really won't mind if they hang with the lessons. My biggest worry is that they will drop out of dance in a couple of months.

  • At 3:56 PM , Blogger JT said...

    they'd always make good dressup or halloween basics... I hope they're enjoying it.


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