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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas by the Numbers

As I sit here and begin to relax for the first time since mid-November, it is nice to know that we had a lovely Christmas. At times, our holiday was definitely more Beverly Hillbillies than Norman Rockwell, but it was happy and that is all that matters. I could recap all the events of the day, but there are a few fun facts that I would rather share.

Here is my own version of Christmas by the numbers:
  • Emergency trips to Walgreens after 9PM on Christmas Eve: 1
  • Hostess gifts purchased: 2
  • Hostess gifts successfully delivered: 0
  • Bottles of wine purchased for hostess gifts: 3
  • Bottles of wine remembered as gifts: 1
  • Bottles of wine decorated for the season: 0 (It never even crossed my mind this year!)
  • Batches of cookies made: 2
  • Batches eaten by Pete, the dog: 1
  • Tears shed over cookies eaten by Pete, the Dog: Several
  • Diaper changes during meals: 3
  • Really bad diaper changes during meals: 2
  • Hot meals consumed by Mom: 0
  • Presents purchased: 32
  • Presents wrapped Christmas Eve: 12
  • Bows on packages: 0
  • Packages missing tags with names scrawled across them: 3
  • Presents still unmailed: 9
  • Holiday Greetings missing addresses and stamps: All
  • Homemade Christmas gifts attempted this year: 25
  • Homemade Christmas gifts completed this year: 0
  • Questions asked by La Nina regarding Santa's whereabouts on Christmas Eve: 247
  • Questions asked by La Nina regarding Santa's whereabouts on Christmas Day: 0
  • Total combined hours slept by Dad and I on Christmas Eve: 9
  • Hours Nostrand girls spent napping on Xmas Day: 3 (not good)
  • Meltdowns per child on Xmas Day due to short naps: 2
  • Toys taken away from tired children who couldn't share: 4
  • Shouts of "Mine" followed by pushes courtesy of La Nina: 7
  • Acts of brutal retaliation launched by Maggie: 5
  • Instances when La Nina ended up in tears due to sister's retaliation: 4
  • Candy canes eaten by La Nina on Xmas Day: 4 (that I know about)
  • Requests made by La Nina for additional Candy Canes: 41
  • Thank yous forgotten due to hasty exits with tired children: 6
  • Times Dad and I felt grateful for our girls and wonderful family: Countless
Merry Christmas! We hope your holiday was as joyful as ours!


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