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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The House Hits a Low

The state of our house has reached a new low. I can not remember a time when it has ever looked this bad. A room by room inventory is just pathetic:

The Dining Room: The table is not visible. In fact, you would never guess there is a table in that room. Right now, it just looks like there is a big pile of stuff in the middle of the room. In the pile, there are presents that need to be put away, ornaments that never made it on the tree, Christmas decorations that were too tempting for either the kids or the dogs that had to be put out of reach, unshipped Christmas gifts, undelivered Christmas gifts, items that belong in the living room but no longer fit in the living room due to the state of the living room.

The Living Room: Well, Christmas took place in the living room and not much has changed since Christmas morning. There are piles of empty boxes, piles of gifts not yet put away, piles of Christmas decorations that never made it on the tree. (I swear, I meant to finish decorating that tree.) There are also little scraps of wrapping paper and tissue paper all over the floor. I swear I get it all picked up and more scraps appear out of no where.

The Entry Hall: How sad, even the entry hall is thrashed. In our house, the entry is an indoor play yard at the moment, complete with a slide, tunnel and push toy for Maggie. There are also a bevy of toys for our 'family circle time'. This is when we break out the parachute, sing songs, play games and make music with instruments. Given that the forecast is for at least another week of rain, I think this room will be cleaned up last. Of course, it makes entering our house difficult, but may be that is a good thing.

The Family Room: I thought this was the neatest room in the house until my Mom took one look at the room and started picking up. Really, it is pretty normal mess level in the family room. The only new piece of clutter is the stroller I use for Maggie's naps. At nap time, it is easiest to just stick Maggie in the stroller and let her sleep in the middle of everything. The noise of the radio, La Nina and I lull her to sleep. Also, it is always helpful to have another restraining device handy with that child.

The Kitchen: For logistical reasons, this room is cleaned every night. At the moment it looks ok, but 5 pm tomorrow, this will not be the case. At one point earlier this evening, the floor was not visible. This was due to a shredded Costco mailer, pieces of a Candy Land game and Maggie rummaging through the cabinets. The kitchen is doubling as an art room in this weather, so while the kitchen is clean, the counter is cluttered with a variety of art supplies in case La Nina is inspired to create.

The Bedrooms/Bathrooms: Unfolded laundry, folded un-put away clothes, clothes the girls have outgrown and various toys are strewn in every bedroom. The bathrooms aren't much better, with random toys on those floors. I don't know where all the stuff on the floors comes from, but if I walked around picking up stuff all day long (and I do), I don't think my floors would be clean.

The other part of the story that is sad: Bills need to be paid, thank you notes need to be written and sent, Christmas trees taken down. I just don't know when it is all going to happen. Maybe I should end this entry and get to work...


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