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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Surprise in the Mail

Today, we received a surprise in the mail-- pictures of Maggie's crib and finding location. The orphanage sent the pictures as promised during our visit in November. I am so happy we have these pieces of history for Maggie when she gets older. I am still sad we couldn't visit the finding location ourselves, but it was over 90km from Suixi, too far for our day trip. At least now, we have pictures.

Seeing the pictures of Maggie's finding location is so emotional for me. It is in this spot Maggie's birth parents last saw their baby. My heart shattered for Maggie's birth parents as I looked at the pictures. Maggie's Dad and I are the two people in this world that know the magnitude of the loss they experienced that day. I know that something must have been very wrong in their lives to accept the loss of their child over the consequences of keeping her. How sad. How very, very tragic.

There is another side to finding locations. The finding location is also the starting place of Maggie's journey to us. Finding locations are usually selected with great care. Birth parents want their babies to be found quickly, so they seek places that are well populated, yet private. Markets, factories, parks are all common find locations. It is dangerous to leave a baby to be found, yet it has been reported that birthparents often wait near the site until the babies are found. (Can you imagine?) So, while this site is a spot of great sadness, it is a site of where a great act of bravery and love happened as well. Judging from the pictures, Maggie's birthparents wanted very much for her to be found. What a gift they gave her that day she was found.

The value of these pictures is we can provide Maggie some answers regarding her history. We can show the pictures to Maggie when she is older and tell her what we know about the beginnings of her journey to us. It is my hope, that someday, she understands both views of this finding location. It is a beginning and an end; a door closing and a door opening. It is the spot of incredible loss and sadness as well as a spot incredible bravery, hope and love. I hope these pictures help us provide Maggie a little more clarity and maybe a little closure someday.


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