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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Bit of a Crash Landing

Well, we're back from a wonderful vacation-more to follow on that-but it hasn't been an easy transition. Going into this week, I knew this was going to be a rough one. We were getting back about 12 hours before I had to be back at work, but I figured it would just work out. Then, we walked in the door and things went bad, I mean real bad.

For reasons we can't quite figure out, the freezer in our house totally defrosted while we were gone and a sticky, icky mess awaited me upon my arrival. Imagine ice cream, meat, frozen fruit and frozen veggies all congealed together in an oozing mess. Big fun at our house. My first three hours home were spent with my head in the freezer tossing soggy frozen food into a trash bag and scrubbing down muck. I had to dismantle the thing to get it clean. Ugh! The inside of my freezer is truly pristine now, but it remains empty. I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong.

The freezer issue was about as much fun as cleaning up after one of Maggie's accidents...and I've been doing that too for some reason. Of course, spending my first evening home cleaning the freezer completely threw a wrench into my plans for the week. With no fresh or even frozen vegetables, it was slim pickens around here. So, last night the girls and I had to go out to dinner and make an emergency trip to grocery store. Again, this was just not in the plans. But I got home from work, changed my clothes, loaded the kids in the car, went to the Hop Yard for dinner, then hit Safeway. By the time I completed that expedition, unloaded the grocery, gave the kids a bath and got them to bed, it was well after 9pm and I had mail to sort, bills to pay, etc.

This means very little laundry has been dealt with, bags are still packed and I'm wiped from two nights of household turmiol with very little to show for my efforts.

So, now that we are restocked and refrozen, perhaps, I can begin unpacking...two days after arriving home. At least we had a great vacation, but boy, sometimes reality does bite.


  • At 7:31 AM , Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

    Whew, I'll bet the smell was gag-inducing! Hope you get back on track soon. Although speaking as someone who never really unpacks (much to my husband's annoyance), the unpacking a mere 2 days after you get home sounds supremely fast.


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