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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


At La Nina's six-year visit last week, I was reminded that I failed to get her final vaccine for the chicken pox completed last year.  Of course, I blamed it on the Dad, but really, I think I blocked it from my mind, because taking La Nina to get shots is so very painful for me.

After promising her a trip shoe shopping, we headed off to Kaiser yesterday morning.  She fretted about the shot the entire way to the clinic and as I was dragging her from the van she asked me a great question:  Why do shots hurt?  

I don't really know why some shots hurt worse than others, but I've noticed a difference too.  So we agreed before her shot she should ask the nurse.  When they called her name, she marched into the office and boldly asked:  "Why do shots hurt?"  

The nurse, who experienced a very memorable shot episode with La Nina, stepped back and said, "Well, look who's grown up and asking questions!"  Then she proceeded to explain shots to La Nina.  (For the record, it's the medicine entering your tissue that hurts, not the needle.)  

Of course, the explanation didn't help much when La Nina was face to face with a needle.  La Nina carried on, but between the nurse and I we managed to get her vaccinated.  Afterwards, she sat up and said in front of the nurse, "Mom, I think I get two sets of new shoes for that shot.  The medicine hurt really bad, not the needle."  

The nurse gave me an odd look.  And I explained that I bribe La Nina with shoes.  The nurse laughed and told La Nina she was a smart girl to ask for shoes over stickers, lollipops or Barbies.  La Nina smiled and nodded in agreement.  


  • At 3:03 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

    I hope girlfriend found some hot shoes to strut with after her shots!

  • At 7:48 AM , Blogger Maria, Sean & Ruby said...

    Well now you have to post a picture of her new shoes! And...I am now sufficiently terrified after reading the 'very memorable' shot post from the past. Yikes! At 2, Ruby already knows when the shots are coming. The 1st round at one year old took 4 people and she only weighed 19 lbs! I guess I'd better spend the next 2 years coming up with some good strategies for these shot visits. Holy moly.


  • At 11:06 AM , Blogger "MissMeliss" said...

    I can see my Lil M doing that!!! :) OMG.


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