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Sunday, April 06, 2008

When Momma's away...

I spent the weekend in word-nerd heaven.  I was at a local writing festival completely focused on my book project.  While two days talking about plot and scenes equate to heaven for me, for the Dad and the girls it meant an entire weekend without motherly supervision.  The details of their weekend are still a little vague, but here's what went down..near as I can tell:  

Baths:  Didn't happen.
Meals:  Happened but were dominated by meat by-products...bacon, hotdogs, sausages and processed cheeses.  I don't believe anything fresh or green was included.
Snacks:  I found a pile of cracked peanut shells in the back yard.  Either a elephant paid us a visit or the girls snacked in the yard on roasted nuts.
Hair:  Not brushed.
Teeth:  Ditto.
Hands and Nails:  Filthy.
Television:  Well, both girls now understand the value of a double play, chant "Let's go Giants" and express surprise that Memphis is in the finals.  Think they watched some sports? 

Frankly, I could care less.  I came home to happy kids and a relatively decent house.  That's all I hoped for.  I had a wonderful time reengaging with my manuscript and for some reason, the Dad is already asleep on the couch.


  • At 8:07 AM , Blogger Maria, Sean & Ruby said...

    Ha Ha Ha. We have the same thing go down at our place....especially if I step out during football season. They are usually still in the same position on the couch when I return...which I figure out after I dig them out of a pile of chip crumbs.
    Good luck on the book and the application!
    - Maria (another Mom of a South China Guangdong honey)

  • At 3:33 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

    Nice one! My household was in the same upheavel that weekend. But all that plotting and writing was so worth it, huh!


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