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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello Hannah!

With the Magster on the mend and La Nina clinging to good health, we decided to hit the illness seam and take the kids for what is a right of passage for every young girl in the US.  Yes, we made the pilgrimage to the shrine of Hannah Montana.  Now, don't get excited that we actually saw her live.  We're committed parents, but we're sane.  Acquiring tickets to the local show required either friends in high places, a second mortgage or sleeping in dirt for two days. Alas we didn't have any strings to pull, any interest in a bigger mortgage or camping in December, so we slummed it at the local movie theatre with the other parents who were only willing to commit so much to their children's cultural development.  

The movie itself is just a concert, but if your kids like dancing, sparkly clothes and Hannah Montana, they'll love it.  As for my opinion, it was better than the series which involves a lot of sass and that's one thing I don't need to encourage in my children.   There's no doubt Miley Cyrus can sing, dance and entertain with confidence beyond her years.  It's genuinely G-Rated too.  Even the dancing is tame.  There's nothing remotely eye-brow raising in the show.  (Hats off to Disney for keeping it clean and holding the kids interest.)

But the whole time I watched the movie, I wondered if I was watching the next train-wreck-to-be.  I mean, really, Ms. Cyrus is all of 15, she's starring on television, leading a successful concert tour, appearing on the Grammy's and Oscars...but you have to wonder, how this kid is keeping her head on straight?  She's supporting dozens of people and their families with her talent.  That's a lot of pressure for a young kid.   

I know everyone keeps saying Daddy is taking care of her.  But let's face it, her Dad's achy-breaky-bank-account is bigger thanks to her efforts too.  He's on the show with her, he's made a record with her.  His career is going through a bit of a revival thanks to his teenager and that seems like an ingredient in the recipe of disaster for other young women who grew up in the spot light.

I'm glad we went, because Hannah Montana's one of those things that will be part of my kids girl-hood like Donny and Marie, the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family were part of mine.  And I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Ms. Cyrus grows into a role model that my girls will continue to respect.  Not a natural disaster like those who have gone before her.


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