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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top Five Reasons I've Been Neglecting My Book

Dear Future Loyal Readers, 

I need to confess, progress on my first book came to a grinding halt recently.  So, I submit to you, the top five reasons why I'm finding it difficult to write.  

1.)  Three hour weekly commitment to American Idol.  Hey-  it's for the children.  (More Maggie than La Nina.)  I'm not that into the show, but they are.  So, you know what that means.  I need to preview both shows every week to ensure the content appropriate is for them, then the children need adult supervision while watching the show.   So, even with our DVR and fast forwarding through commercials, it takes quite a chunk of time to watch the shows.

2.)  My secret voting for David Cook.  See--voting took lots of strategy.  The Dad would make fun of me if he ever found out I voted for David Cook and Maggie would never forgive me.  (She's an David Archuleta fan.)  So I can only vote from my cell phone while hiding in the bathroom after Maggie's asleep.  It isn't easy.  Trust me. 

3.)  Downloading American Idol songs from iTunes.  It wasn't my fault.  There was a deadline in play here.  The producers removed most of the songs from iTunes Wednesday at midnight.  I had to get those Jason Castro tunes before they were gone.  And Maggie needs her David Archuleta fix.  She just loves him.  In fact, I can get her to do all sorts of things by telling her "David Archuleta does it." 

4.)  Surfing American for the kids.  It was Maggie's favorite site.  She liked to watch the David Archuleta videos, the music videos and the group songs. She just couldn't be on such a grown up web site without parental supervision.  SO--it was my motherly duty to help her.  Really, it was.

5.)  My concern for Paula Abdul.  What is wrong with that woman?  She can't complete a sentence.  Is she permanently loopy?  Really, I've searched the net for answers to her problems, but I'm just not sure there's enough help in the world for her.  

Now that the American Idol distraction is behind me, I hope to be back to work first thing tomorrow.  If I could just figure out when the next Amazing Race starts, I'd be completely free to write.

Your humble writer friend


  • At 7:57 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

    Ha ha! Can relate to the Idol time warp! It's almost a relief it's over, though I loved David Cook and can't wait for his album. I too, was an Itunes freak and I was also guilty of quietly voting on my cell phone while my husband was in the other room to avoid all teasing (though he does watch the show, he won't admit to liking it!) Also guilty of hosting American Idol 'parties' with my sister or girlfriend on Robbie's hockey nights, meaning I stayed up too late with the girls and could barely summon the energy the next morning to cart the boys off to school.

    So it's over and we both better get back on those books!


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