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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Rare Mid-Day Post

Well, it's 3pm.  Maggie is sitting at the counter making herself a snack (rice cakes, cream cheese and gold fish crackers-- we call them fish bowls) and La Nina is sitting next to me trying to figure out a beginners loom.  And I'm actually going to try to post something.  This feels like an advanced parenting move...I'm not optimistic it's going to work.  

As of yesterday our summer was officially half over.  It's now less than five weeks until school starts.  (Just had to stop writing and fix the loom.)  In some ways, the first part of summer flew by.  Two weeks out of town, vacation bible school, swim lessons...we've been on the go.  In other ways, summer is LONG.  Particularly when I think of the nearly ten days of combined sick time we lived through.  (Just had to stop writing to clean up a spill.)  (Oops, Carly's needle came unthreaded.)   

I've intentionally tried to limit the kids' activities.  So far all they've had is swim lessons and bible school.  And the kids have enjoyed the down a certain extent.  La Nina finds it hard to keep herself busy, but when you have a wildly imaginative little sister, the time passes on her flights of fantasy.

As for me, I've kept busy preparing for my writing workshop.  It's not easy getting up at four every morning and I sort of fall apart every afternoon around five, then I just have to gut it out until nine when I collapse into bed.  As the kids have gotten older, they require less physical effort and more intellectual effort.  Trust me, matching wits with La Nina when I've been up early to write can quite the challenge.  I don't know how many times a day that child changes her clothes, hair or shoes.  (Had to get Maggie a puzzle.)

Anyway, summer sort of starts winding down week after next.  La Nina starts dance the first full week of August, soccer starts for both girls shortly after that, and school (major break to change colors on La Nina's loom) registration is the next week.  I'd hope to write more this summer, but alas, they're still a little young to be completely independent.   (Gotta run, the dog is trying to steal the Magster's cracker.)


  • At 5:42 PM , Blogger Kelly Pollard said...

    Love the interruptions and am so jealous of your ability to wake up at 4 to write...and no coffee either? What planet are you from???


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