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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Disney World Adventures

It's Mother's Day and while there is much to be done to recover from our vacation, I'm having a slow morning.  So, rather than do laundry--doesn't it seem wrong to do laundry on Mother's Day? I thought I'd give a brief run down of our Disney Adventure.

Days Spent at Disney World:  7
Days Spent Traveling: 2
Parks Visited:  4
Number of Condos/Hotels:  2 (Lake Buena Vista Resort Condos and Wilderness Lodge) 
Favorite Park (Girls Vote):  Hollywood Studios
Reason:  American Idol Experience and High School Musical 3
Favorite Park (Adults Vote):  Epcot
Reason:  Alcohol readily available 
Average Temperature:  92 degrees
Average Humidity:  We have no idea, but a lot higher than California.  
Number of Times we got lost:  5 (we only drove 4 days) 
Number of Character Signatures Gathered:  34
Best Character (LN):  Pocohontas and Meeko
Best Character (M):  Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Most Unusual Characters Found:  Tinkerbell, Jiminy Cricket
Favorite Ride (LN & M):  Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom
Best Thing We Saw (M):  Epcot Golf Ball
Best Thing We Saw (LN): Characters
Best Thing We Saw (Adults):  We kind of thought the White Rhinos at Animal Kingdom were cool, but what do we know?
Best Nighttime Fireworks:  Epcot's Illuminations
Best Parade:  Nightime Spectacular at Magic Kingdom    
Best Swimming Pool:  Pool at Disney's Wilderness Lodge
Child who whined the most:  La Nina  (She has the potential to make a man perfectly miserable some day.)
Child who ate the least:  Magster
Number of chicken nuggets consumed by Magster:  56 (I don't think she ate anything else)
Best food:  Didn't exist.  However, it was much easier to find decent salads, fruits and vegetables than I remember in Disneyland.
Number of blisters:  1 (On La Nina who refused to follow my shoe advice, even after the blister.)
Number of Stuffed Animal Souvenirs Purchased:  7

Overall assessment Disneyland v. Disney World:  I'm very glad we did Disney World, the girls were the perfect ages for it and we had a great time.  At the same time, I don't know that we'll go back.  It's a long trip.  While it's fun and different from Disneyland, I'd rather go other places and do long weekends at Disneyland.  It should be noted the girls do not agree. 


  • At 9:40 AM , Blogger Tamara said...

    Your girls are beautiful! We have two lovely girls from China ourselves-we live in Orlando and go to Disney at least 2 times a month- it is more like going to a park- rather than a theme park.
    My girls are little- and right now - Mulan and Small World are favorites.


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