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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dance Season Ends on a High Note

In the midst of dance season, La Nina had to audition for the 2010-2011 season. It's sort of cruel and unusual punishment for exhausted mothers to have to sit through an extra night of dance, but we manage somehow. (Ok, we hit the bar next to the studio.)

In the week following the audition, emails started flying about next year's schedule. And last week, I had news on La Nina's schedule...she wasn't going to compete in the dance she wanted to add next year. Lyrical, or ballet to non-classical music, has been something La Nina has wanted to do for the last two years. The youngest they take kids is 8 and she is old enough this year. But there wasn't room in the piece for any more kids, so La Nina would have to sit out a year.

I knew she would be disappointed, but that's life. Sometimes things just don't work out. It's a good life lesson. Sometimes you just have to wait for what you want. Last Thursday, there was lots of chatter about schedules among the Moms so I decided to tell La Nina. I was worried one of her friends would spring the casting news on her and I wanted her to hear it from me. I told her and of course, she was very disappointed.

So, while she went into her last convention of the year with a heavy heart, she had accepted the decision, was set to do her best and work harder in ballet next year. Saturday night as her little tap group took the stage, I thought it was sort of a shame they weren't getting lyrical. They dance really well together and they've been with their teacher for 3 years. But they've had so much success this year, they're being moved up in tap. It's sort of sad that their teacher choreographs these dances for them, then once their group is successful, they move onto harder choreographers. But you know, it's the director's decision on casting and ultimately, she needs to make these decisions, not me.

Anyway, the La Nina's tap group got up on stage Saturday night and nailed their dance. Even when one of the girl's hat fell into her eyes and she basically danced the whole dance blindfolded, the girls weren't distracted. It was amazing. And the judges recognized it. Their little group took 1st place in overall high score for small groups under 10. They received special recognition for outstanding showmanship. Just a huge night for the little foursome who beat out a whole bunch of older groups.

Their studio head was happy with them. Came over after awards and personally congratulated them with big hugs. She choreographs for them in jazz, so they know her fairly well. It was a very exciting night.

Monday, the big day for 2010-2011 cast lists to be announced, dawned with La Nina just exhausted from her weekend. She looked horrible in the morning. A true dance hangover. About noon, I get an email from the studio director. She's changed her mind and given the 4 little tappers a lyrical piece with the same choreographer as her tap piece. I was so happy for La Nina, the girls on her team and their teacher of 3 years. Big recognition for a job well done by all of them. When I picked La Nina up from school, I handed her my phone and let her read the note. She literally started jumping (or should I say leaping) for joy.

We came home from school, dance was cancelled for the day and despite her obvious exhaustion, she put on her dance clothes and practiced ballet all afternoon. She even slept with her ballet shoes on. I'm so glad she has something in her life that inspires such passion.


  • At 2:29 AM , Blogger Welshie said...

    It is absolutely amazing how she is so committed at only 8!


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