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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Follow Up on the New Game

Well, the new game in town from the previous post has proved a crazy addition to our schedule.  Between track, soccer and dance, today was my first day off since March.  Really.

I wanted to follow up on my last post because track has been quite an adventure.  See, with the Magster, track is really just a big play date that gets interrupted by the occasional race.  During that race, the Magster must race against the friends she's playing with putting her in the position of trying to win a race against her friend.  Quite frankly, this has not set well with her.  She would rather play with her friends than race against them.

So, for 4 practice races, we watched as she loped around the track.  Her first race she actually ran with her friend and the two of them had a conversation until we interrupted them by encouraging them to run.  This does not imply she didn't do well.  For her first season, she's actually done really well.  She's placed a couple of times.  She consistently lowered her times and lengthened her jumps.  She also always had a fabulous time playing.  But we always felt she wasn't trying.

Then last week happened.  She was drafted to run the 400M for a relay team.  It was a sprint medley and the 400M is the anchor leg.  Even with all the conversation she actually had good times in the 400M, so it made sense that she ran the 400M.  When she got the baton, she had about a 5 yard lead.  And let me tell you, there was no doubt her heart was in that race.  She opened up an 11 second lead because she was so worried she would lose it for her friends.  We didn't know how fast she ran the leg, but we knew it was fast.

So, along comes this weekend.  Qualifying weekend.  If you don't come in 1st through 3rd place, you're done.  She did awesome.  She took 4 seconds off her personal best and finished in 4th place in the 400M. We were so happy for her because she did her best.  Finally.  Because of the previous week, she had two extra 400M's to run that day.  I was a bit worried about her, but hey, she does well with competition.  Time to test it.

In the second 400M, she did great.  She got the baton in second place, fought off a serious challenge, ran down the leader and won the race for her team.  I'm sure if we had a split it would have been another personal best.  It's clear, the Magster likes to run for a team.  However, she had one race left for the day and she had to anchor relay team with another 400M and she only had about 5 minutes to recover.

In the final race, even though she finished the race for her team and they qualified move on in the competition, she was in tears.  It seemed like she came in last because the girls of all ages ran together, but her team was the only 3rd grade team.  She only had to finish.  The coaches told her, we told her, but she took it personally and gave it all to her team again.  She ran so hard and showed such guts, we were all so very proud of her.

In the end, she has really loved track.  She became a very competent 400M runner and most importantly, she really wants to run again next year.  Onto Sectionals!


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