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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dear Hasbro:

Dear Hasbro Toy Executive-

Today, I shipped back our Easy Bake Oven. Since Santa brought it to us 9 months ago tonight, we used it once. After we made some pathetic, really disgusting cookies, we heard about your recall, so we put it on the shelf. I filed my name on your web site and waited for an attachment that would make the toy safe. The attachment was on back order and you nicely sent me monthly letters telling me to keep hope. We did finally receive the part in July. Of course, we weren't living in our house at that time, but it didn't matter. The next week, you sent me a letter advising us the attachment didn't solve the problem and we had to ship the oven back.

While I appreciate the post paid box you sent for me to ship it in, I'd rather you manufacture your toy safely in the first place. I know you say that you're trying to keep retail prices affordable by cutting corners, but let's be honest, you're actually protecting your profit margin more than my pocket book.

Oh..I understand the demands of shareholders. I am one. And I'm figuring this recall cost you a whole lot more than marketing a safe toy would have. So, let's change the nature of this shareholder's demand: You make toys that won't disfigure my little girl's fingers and charge me an extra buck, and I'll keep buying your products. Deal?

I know. Your Vice President of Marketing assured you that he/she has me over a barrel. I bet that individual outlined a strategy that showed by marketing to my kids through commercials and the kids' will badger me into buying your products despite my dismay at your poor business practices. Well that person is wrong. My kids don't watch commercial television, and it'll be pretty easy for me to spend my money elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy the thousands of Easy Bake Ovens you're getting back. And make that cash card you promised something I can use on books. I'm disillusioned with toys these days.


One Lucky Mom

PS- Your Bratz line of dolls are offensive. If you have any respect for little girls, discontinue it immediately.

PPS- I'll post a link to this on your contact us page <> and I'll invite anyone else who reads my blog to do the same. For you need to know, what a pain these toy recalls are to consumers.

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