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Friday, September 07, 2007

Another week down...

Two weeks into Kindergarten, we're still reeling from the transition. I'm exhausted from getting someone, somewhere, on time, every single day. That someone is pretty darn tired too. She's adjusting to a life without naps, and it isn't pretty. She still hasn't seen 8pm since school started.

The main difference I notice between Kindergarten and preschool is the disconnection I have from the classroom. Gone are the days of lingering in the preschool, chatting with the teacher on the playground and getting a last minute hug from my clingy daughter. Now, La Nina lines up outside the door to her classroom, then marches in behind her teacher. (Because my background check is not complete, I'm not allowed in the classroom.) In my case the distance is probably a little worse than normal because the teacher is speaking Spanish to the kids, who are following her instructions the drill team like precision.

La Nina is picking up Spanish faster than I expected. She successfully completed her days of the week assignment in Spanish and the project for this next week is the written numbers, one to ten. (And bless her overachieving heart, she requested more flashcards.) But those little tests aren't how I know Spanish is coming easily for her. The other night I was slaughtering a story...oh I mean reading a story in Spanish...and La Nina said something to the effect. "Muy Bien, Mama. Buenos noches." Then she went to bed. I know, minor, but 1.) I've never said those phrases to her. 2.) She used them in a context appropriate manner. It was really cool. I can also say things like, "Como se dice 'green'?" and she'll pop back "verde" without missing a beat.

That's it for us another week down, only 40 more to go until Summer vacation.


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