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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Who's homework is it?

This week we're dealing with our first weekly homework packet. It contained a couple of worksheets, a poem and a form. Since it was all in Spanish I had no idea what to do with it. The next day we received instructions via email, kids were to memorize the poem, complete the worksheets and use the form for a book report. No due date was given. I felt like quite the school girl as I asked when this packet was due.

Now, let's think about a 12 line poem. La Nina can't read so how can she memorize it if I don't read it to her over and over again. That means she's now learning Spanish by listening to me. UGH! This could be damaging to her education. I know language is developed by repitition all that....but I thought school was handling the Spanish and my job was English. Today at school, it was apparent I wasn't the only mother a bit worried about the poem. One of the bilingual Moms was giving pronounciation lessons to another Mom and another bilingual parent was answering grammar questions. ('El aroma' just didn't look right.)

But here's my real issue with this: Why give a kid homework that requires such deep parent involvement? There's no way she can do this without me. I enjoy helping La Nina with her work. And yet, it feels like beyond help when I'm saying repeat after me, "Amalia ama las flores." A million times a day. And what kids wants to listen to their parent say, "repeat after me"....for more than about 3 consequetive minutes at a time.

I'm lucky. I'm home so LaNina and I work on a a couple of lines a day over the entire day. I can make it fun and relaxed. We should be fine by Friday. Of course, my money's on her to memorize it first, but no doubt I'll have it down by Friday too.


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