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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Five Steps to a Happy Thanksgiving

We've had a great Thanksgiving Weekend. So, here's a list of what made it so fun.

5.) Cancel school for ten days and call it Fall Break. Yep, since November 9, La Nina's been in school two days. While she was sick one day, the rest of the time was just days off. On one hand, I scoff at this new break (I walked through deep snow...) and on the other hand, I celebrate the lack of homework!

4.) Spend some time doing nothing. Okay, I didn't ever do "nothing" (my definition of nothing is lay on the couch and read a book), but the girls and I did hang out around the house quite a bit. I cooked and they watched an extra movie or two. We spent some time riding bikes too, and La Nina is getting quite confident on her two wheeler.

3.) Try something new. We took the girls ice skating last night. While it might have been helpful if either the Dad or I actually ice skated in the last twenty odd years, we survived the night without a trip to the emergency room. The kids did fine. La Nina's lack of ligaments in her legs may be great for dance and gymnastics, but proved a challenge on ice. She did the splits at least 20 different ways. The Magster took to the ice like a duck to water. She was trying to skate alone by the end of the night. As for me, I didn't fall and that's something since I was holding up myself and a child the whole time. The Dad cannot make the same statement regarding falling.

2.) Do something really different. Today, I took the kids into the city to the "Sing Along Sound of Music" at the Castro Theatre. While I was a little worried about the crowd, it was 80% families. During the movie, the crowd is encouraged to interact with the movie, booing, hissing, cheering are encouraged as well as singing. So, it was perfect for kids. And mine loved it. They'd seen the movie once and loved hearing the audience participation. The Magster especially loved hissing at the baronness, which La Nina thought was mean because the Baronness had the best shoes. I suspect that in the future, this will be one of those off-beat, edgy things kids will enjoy into their teens. I mean really, who wouldn't want to go to lunch in the city, see a great movie and get to boo, hiss and sing along the whole time?

1.) Make lots of time for friends and family. We had playdates, a family feast, dinners and lunches out with other families....what a better way to show your gratitude than by enjoying the holiday with people we love? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  • At 9:27 AM , Blogger Debbie said...

    In the UK "A singalong a sound of music" has cult status. Eveeryone dresses up as a character (my friend wore a boiler suit and when I asked which character he was he said, "Chris the plumber". Mostly though men and women dress up as nuns! It is an absolute scream!



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