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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Less Than Five Days To GO

This has to have been the LONGEST Christmas season in my entire life. I can't remember a year when I waited longer for Christmas day to arrive. In terms of the To Do list, I'm fairly organized. The cards went out in a respectable timeframe thanks to the kids labor, most of the presents are wrapped, some are even delivered. Santa is well informed of the girls wishes and is on to of her game. The reason the season is dragging you ask? Oh, the reasons are many.

Take for instance, the laundry! I mean really, why on earth when I'm filled with goodwill towards my fellow men should I be stuck in the master bedroom folding clothes. It's criminal. I have gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, a couple of un-constructed Gingerbread houses to build, yet, there I stand, folding socks. It's so bad I have two loads of unfolded laundry sitting on my bed and another in the dryer and I don't think it's going to happen tonight.

Another reason this season is dragging? The 3pm doldrums caused by not getting my afternoon diet Coke. Only a real sicko would require a mother of two young children to cut back on her caffiene three weeks before Christmas. I've had to resort to a few well timed pieces of chocolate (also forbidden-for the record) to get me through the afternoons, especially on the days after I've been out of the house after 9pm. And if I'm up after 10pm, I start to feel faint. I'm not off the juice completely, I still drink a single super tanker of 1/2 caff in the morning. At least the headaches no longer wake me up in the morning.

Final reason, season is moving slow? The children are moving so fast. Yes, the kids are wired. In fact, Maggie's behavior is best described as wild. She's a singing, dancing, whirling dervish, and alas she's been out of school all week. She just exhausts me. Picture this, a wild four year old bounding like Tigger around a master bedroom with a mother who hasn't had enough caffiene trying to fold clothes on the bed. Four year old thinks it's great fun to 'help' the exhausted mother by jumping on the bed and watching the folded clothes fly into the air. Mother doesn't find the four year old all that funny. Trust me.

I need to get to bed now. Enjoy the Season.

PS. Kid Tip: The NORAD Santa site starts it's count down on Christmas Eve morning. Last year the videos were amazing and the girls loved seeing Santa's progress around the world. We highly recommend the games too.


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