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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quiet Weekend, Literally

Have you ever seen such a headline from me?  Probably not.  Because since I started this blog, I've never had a weekend like this.  It's completely, delightfully and blissfully quiet.  The dad took both girls camping yesterday and they don't return until tomorrow.  The house is clean, quiet and all mine.  

 Sure, I've had weeks away.  But it's even better to stay home.  I can cook my own meals, the way I want.  I can watch whatever I want on television.  I can run to the store or not.  Whether or not I go to the store, I don't have to coordinate anyone else getting their shoes and going to the potty before we leave.  

I told the Dad before he left I wish I could be a fly on the wall for his trip, just to see how he manages.  His words, "You probably don't want to know."  He's probably right.  However, I do know that I'm grateful he does such things, because this is a great mother's day gift.


  • At 1:28 PM , Blogger Cindy said...

    very cool mother's day gift. so glad you enjoyed being able to hear a pin drop! and to cook whatever you want, no one squawking to change the tv station...ah it sounds like bliss...time alone is just the best. i love my husband, but i also love my own downtime! and I NEED it :)


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