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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Paper Work Begins Again

Since we have been home almost 3 months I should probably start some of the post adoption paperwork. I have 3 things I need to get for Maggie: A Social Security Card, A Delayed Registration of Birth Certificate and a US Passport.

I started today with the Social Security Card. I downloaded the instructions and the necessary forms in order to size up the challenge. The first hurdle is Maggie has to apply in person. Maggie in a social security office is going to be a challenge. I can feel the stares already. Maggie is loud and active, she is certain to create a scene that will leave me apologizing to the other patrons.

Next, the instructions say I need to "establish" proof of Maggie and mine's "continued existence." I realize they are probably trying to stop identity theft, but proof of my existence? OK, if we go in person to the social security office, isn't that proof we exist? Do I really exist if I never leave my house because my children are sick? Do I really exist if I fail to speak to anyone over the age of almost 3 for an entire day? How does anyone know I exist if they don't see me or speak to me? This clause could be subject to interpretation.

Finally we need to complete a form and prove our age and identity. It states very clearly that a birth certificate is not proof of identity, but a driver's license, a passport, a marriage record, etc. all serve as proof fo identity. Didn't I use my birth certificate to prove my identity for those items? I think I did.

As for proof of Maggie's identity, valid identifying documents include Adoption Records, Certificate of Citizenship, Hospital Record, Baptismal Certificate or School records. My adoption records are in Mandarin. I have a Kaiser Card for her, but I provided Kaiser with no proof of Maggie's birth or adoption. It only includes the month and year of her birth. How does that prove her identity? Maggie isn't baptized yet, but I know the church doesn't ask for any proof of identity. School records are tough if your child isn't in school. So this will all come down to her Certificate of Citizenship. I hope it works, it is all I have.

Ok, I will stop whining about Social Security, because it isn't a big deal. After completing the paperwork to adopt Maggie, the Social Security process is a piece of cake. With La Nina, the process took an afternoon and a couple of weeks later she had a social security number. The only thing I am worried about is the continued existence clause. Many days I think that is completely questionable.


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