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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

What a Week!

I had one of those weeks. You know the type: It doesn't seem like you have much going on, then all of a sudden, it is Saturday night, your house is trashed and you are wondering what you did on Thursday, because you really can't remember Thursday. I have this theory: As Monday goes, your weeks goes. So, if your Monday is bad, then your week follows suit. On Monday this week, La Nina woke up with a cold and told me she didn't feel well enough to go to school. It messed up my rhythm having her home unexpectedly, especially when she wasn't that sick. I spent the rest of the week recovering. Here are some of the highlights/lowlights from my week:

Maggie's 15 month checkup: We saw the doctor for Maggie's 15 month well baby visit. She really didn't like being back in the doctor's office. She wailed like a banchee at first but settled down. She has gained a bunch of weight. She went from the 10th percentile in weight to the 25 percentile in weight in 2 months. For Maggie, this was excellent progress, I just hope my weight is going up like that! She is continues to be a normal healthy baby. We are so fortunate! She was due for 3 shots, and they made her feverish and cranky for the next 3 days. Always fun to have a teething baby get shots!

Trip to the library: I had a moment that people just don't tell you about when you become a parent. We were at the library and I had the girls loaded into the double stroller. As usual, Maggie was sporting a scab under her eye, the reminent of a collision with a kitchen chair. I was checking out the books and the girls were giggling in the stroller. I remember thinking, isn't it lovely they get along so well? After checking out the books, I headed to the van. In the parking lot, I pull the stroller up to Maggie's side of the van and unload her first from the stroller. It is then I notice that Maggie has reopened the cut under her eye and blood is trickling down her face. I mutter to Maggie, "Now, what did you do to yourself?" La Nina, still in the stroller chirps, "I did it. I didn't like that on her face, so I took it off." La Nina then hands me the scab. La Nina had literally ripped the scab off of her sister's face for reasons of vanity. I was so shocked, that I was left speechless. I finally stammered out a scolding to La Nina, but I know it didn't phase her. Can you believe it? Ick!

Nana manages the dynamic duo twice: I had a couple of appointments this week, and Nana spent two afternoons watching the girls. Nana did great. Maggie is getting better about being left, so it is nice for me to get a little freedom.

Now that the Hop Yard renovation is complete and both of our dad's are on the mend, it looks like we should be ready to gear up for Maggie's welcome parties, La Nina's birthday extravaganza and Maggie's first long weekend away.


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