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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Weekend: The Bad and The Good

The Bad Day

Start with a Mom who was awake every 3 hours all night long and is exhausted. Now, make sure Dad can't help her because he is renovating his business.

Begin the bad day at 5:20AM when two little girls decide to wake up. Mom tells the older girl the plans for the day include a trip to Farmer's Market and a Birthday party over breakfast. Since the little girl was awake so early, it is logical that she begins her morning nap 15 minutes before the Farmer's Market opens, so that the family cannot leave as planned. As Mom scrambles to keep the bigger girl distracted, make sure the girl gets pen all over her shirt, tries to use the scissors on her new pants, then refuses to pick up the paper she has shredded on the floor.

The little girl wakes up from her nap in a snit, needs a snack and another diaper change. As Mom watches the clock, the older child refuses to put on her shoes. Time passes to the point where it will be impossible to go to the Farmer's Market, have lunch and make the party at 1pm. The bigger girl melts down over not getting popcorn and a balloon from the clown at the Farmer's Market, but it seems a good consequence for not cooperating. Mom sends the older girl to her room to settle down where she promptly falls 11:30AM. Assuming a 2 hour nap and lunch, party attendance for this family is now in jeopardy. The Mom, who is very tired, now must keep the younger girl distracted while the older girl sleeps.

The older girl sleeps for 3 hours, wakes up and asks about the party, which ended at 2:30pm. The older girls weeps in disappointment for a second time as the Mom explains she slept through the party. Mom consoles her by saying we will go visit the birthday boy, deliver his present and have cake, but the little one falls asleep while the older one is eating lunch, so leaving is delayed again and Mom is distracting a waiting child again. About 4:30pm, the Mom both kids are awake, fed, changed and ready to go. She loads the kids and the gift into the van, but the van has a dead battery. You see, the van has headlights that automatically turn off, unless you leave a door open. It is hard to remember to close the door when you have to unload two sleeping girls from a van.

Mom doesn't cry, even though frustration and exhaustion leaves her in tears. She gets a neighbor to start recharging her battery, but realizes there will be no visit to the birthday boy which makes the older girl cry a third time. The Mom takes the kids inside, gives them dinner, followed by a "birthday" cookie and survives the rest of the night.

The Good Day

Both kids sleep through the night and no one in the house stirs until almost 7AM. Of course the girls are exhausted from the torture they heaped on Mom the day before, but at least Mom gets to start the day rested.

As if she knows the plan, the little girl takes her morning nap starting at 9AM and awakes at 10AM, which is perfect, because Mom has arranged for NanaPapa to give her a much needed 2 hour break. NanaPapa arrive as planned, Mom leaves as planned. This is the first time Mom has left the little one for more than 30 minutes, and the little one takes the new experience in stride.

Mom hikes with Pete the dog for an hour and grocery shops without the help of children. It is delightful and she is very grateful again that she has family nearby to help.

Both girls fall asleep within 15 minutes of each just after 1pm, guaranteeing they will be awake in time to make the Superbowl party. Mom gets to take a shower, do some laundry and get ready for the party without the help of the kids. Both girls wake up in great moods. They get ready to leave the house without any fuss.

The family attends a Superbowl party with friends, where both kids behave themselves and play nicely with others. Finally, both girls go to bed on time without drama. Wow! What a great day! I think we should adopt more children it is so easy....HA!


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