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Sunday, August 06, 2006

For the record...

Yesterday, was quite an amazing day. It started early and went to the wee hours of the morning. To keep this post readable, I'm going to keep this to the highlights:

Harry Carson- Heartfelt but should have written it down.
Rayfield Wright- A pleasant surprise. Organized, heart felt, moving.
John Madden- The pro in the group. His speech was emotional, thoughtful and answered my big question: What is better winning the superbowl or getting inducted into the Hall of Fame? His answer: The Hall of Fame.
Warren Moon- Classy. I liked the fact he thanked the mother of his kids and his ex-wife.
Sara White- The big moment happened when she and her son unveiled the bust. The speech was good, not nearly as emotional as I thought.
Troy Aikman- Changed my impression of him. After Friday, I really thought he 'expected' to be inducted. But yesterday, during his speech, he was so emotional--I think maybe he had his 'game face' on Friday night or something.

Overall, attending the Hall of FameInduction Ceremony taught me two things: 1.) I really don't like the Dallas Cowboys. Their fans are so annoying. I didn't realize all the Bay Area sports stuff actually gave me an opinion on a team, but when Rayfield Wright ended his speech with "I am a Dallas Cowboy" and the Cowboy fans roared in response, I felt like yelling, "Yada, yada, yada." 2.) When you watch the Hall of Fame at home, there is one key part of the experience you miss: The Heat. It was brutally hot on that darn field. To protect the field, big plastic panels are fitted over the playing surface and those panels reflect the heat. It was so hot, there was very little emotion down on the field. During the 4 + hours ceremony, we downed countless bottles of water and wore our programs on our heads to escape the heat.

Between the Hall of Fame and Madden Party, we had about an hour to shower, change our clothes and try to recover from the heat. The Madden party was fabulous. I think that was the event the guys who wanted to come with me would have enjoyed the most. There were athletes and sports celebrities everywhere. People like a bearded Matt Millen, Bob Costas, Al Davis, Jerry Jones and more old Raiders than I could possibly list. At one point the old Raider team got together for a picture and it seemed like half the men in the room were in the picture. Henry Lawrence sang with the band and was fantastic and Phil Villipiano did a routine that was stand up comedy. His premise was it was killing him to watch 2 Cowboys go into the Hall of Fame. We had a great time and didn't get home until after 1am.

Anyway, today we are going to try to get to the actual Hall of Fame, there is a minor league base ball game this afternoon and otherwise, it is going to be pretty quiet. More to follow.


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