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Friday, January 05, 2007

Lesson Learned

Dear New Personal Trainer,

So, hi. Remember me? Your new trainee? Yeah, well I thought I'd write this little apology to ease your self-esteem. It's true. I picked you because you were older and your profile that you believed each person should work at their own pace. That statement appealed more to me than the young person next to you who said, she liked to make her clients feel the burn. I'm just not into painful workouts.

That being said, I intended no disrespect for you or your training when I took a spinning class before our session. I was merely trying to get some cardio work done. In no way was I implying that your workout wasn't challenging. When I saw you waiting outside my class, tapping your clip board, narrowing your eyes and flaring your nostrils, you looked a bit like a bull who'd just seen the red cape. I knew I'd made a horrible mistake and perhaps you misinterpretted my cardio work.

Just because you're a little ticked off, there was no reason to make me do squats for 20 minutes holding a 15 pound medicine ball. Or crunches on an incline with that same medicine ball. Or deadlifts with 50 pounds. Really , 40 pounds was plenty. And no, lifting kids doesn't prepare you for that kind of hell.

And when I said I was cramping, I wasn't whining. I really couldn't extend my leg. And by the way, I heard your snide, "Well, spinning will do that to you." Anyway, I may never walk again, so no need to worry about our session next week.


The Girl who will not be in the spinning class before our session ever again.


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