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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas By The Numbers

It's become a tradition at Maggiemakesfour that I summarize our Christmas by the numbers. I tried to keep some of the catagories from 2004 and 2005. Here's this year's rendition:

Christmas Cards Mailed on time: 140
Christmas Gifts Mailed on time: 6
Christmas Gifts still sitting on the dining room table: 2
Hostess gifts Purchased: 4
Hostess gifts given to non-hostesses in desperation: 3
Teacher gifts still on the dining room table: 2
Days the gingerbread house survived in the house with Pete the dog: 1
Cookies consumed by Pete the dog: 2
Cookies that survived Pete the dog: 58
Emergency trips to Walgreens on Christmas Eve: 0
Presents wrapped: 45
Presents wrapped after mid-night on 12/24: 0 for me, but the Dad wrapped several.
Surprises ruined by loose lipped kids: 5
Secrets kept by same loose lipped kids: 1
Times we checked Norad Santa's update on Christmas Eve: 24
Times La Nina wanted to see the update from Egypt, on the Norad site: 8
Times La Nina begged to open presents early on Christmas Eve: 12
Times La Nina opened a present early on Christmas Eve: 0
Times La Nina refused to share with Maggie: 43
Times Maggie refused to share with La Nine: 42
Times tears resulted from non-sharing: 85 since Christmas morning
Naps skipped on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 1
La Nina meltdowns on Christmas Eve: 0
Maggie meltdowns on Christmas Eve: 5
Times La Nina and I sang Jingle Bell Rock on Christmas Eve: 5 (Guess what was causing Maggie's meltdowns.)
Candy canes consumed before noon on Christmas day: 7
Breakfasts consumed by the kids on Christmas day: 0 (Unless you count the candy canes)
La Nina's favorite gift: Bella Dancerella Ballet Studio
Magster's favorite gift: Little Pony Crystal Palace
Times I tried to discuss gratitude with the kids over the holidays: 7
Times La Nina countered that Santa would remember the less fortunate: 7
Times her Santa theory on Christmas left me speechless: 7
Times I felt grateful over the holidays: Too many to count

Happy Holidays to Everyone! May your world be filled with joy, happiness and love always!


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