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Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Perspective on an Old Place

I've lived in the town I currently live in most of my life. I hang out with mostly people I've known since we were in high school or people who are somehow connected (read this as married) to that crowd. I know it's unusual in this day and age to have this small town life, but I like it. All the old familiar faces are a bit like warm sweaters. They embrace you no matter how much weight you've gained or lost, whether you were cool in high school or not, regardless of the twists and turns of your life's path. It's amazing how longevity in friendship increases the capacity for forgiveness.

With La Nina starting school, I've been introduced to a whole new group of people. The only thing I have in common with them is that our kids are in class or dance or gymnastics with theirs and we huddle together at pick up and drop off times. But day in and day out, you see the same faces and soon you start recognizing those faces in the grocery store or at Target or on Main Street having coffee too.

I never chose to live in this town. For me, it's home. However, for most of the new people I've gotten to know, they moved here for one reason: The Schools. And they make no bones about why they're here, how long they plan to stay and what it took to get here. Most of them have moved into town in the past year or two. An astonishing number of them sold houses in other communities, can't afford to buy here, but rent and save their money until they can buy again.

I suppose it's the classic example of taking something for granted. Sure, I know the schools are good and I live in a very nice community. Yes, I think La Nina is having a good kindergarten experience, because of the school and the support it receives from the parents and other members of that community who support local education. And I know living in a good school district is good for your property values. What I didn't expect was to hear about the sacrifices families make to keep their kids in these schools. I guess I just feel lucky that we are here and we plan to stay here.


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