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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Long Car Ride

For some reason, I'm having lots of bloggable moments this week.  To the best of my recollection, this is a conversation between me and La Nina.  I was trapped in the van with her enroute to a play date.   Remember she's 6 so I'm trying to answer in terms she'll understand.  

La Nina:  Do Jewish people believe in Santa Claus?  
Me (my head snapped up so fast I got a kink in my neck):  Well, no.  Santa is part of Christmas and Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.  
La Nina:  So, does he bring them presents if they're good?  
Me:  Well, no.  See he brings Christmas presents.  Jewish kids get gifts every night when they light candles.  (Thinking:  I hope that's right.  She's bound to track down a Jewish friend and check my information.)  
La NIna:  But the song says, "Every good girl and boy".  So, that means not Jewish kids.  
Me:  Well, Christmas is a Christian Holiday.  It's Jesus' birthday.  So, only Christians celebrate it.  Lots of people don't celebrate Christmas, so it's hard for Santa to visit them. 
La Nina:  Isn't Friend S Jewish?  
Me:  Yes (Rubbing my temple with one hand while driving...'cuz I'm afraid where she's going to take this.)  
La Nina:  But they have a Christmas tree.  
Me:  His Daddy is Catholic.  His Mommy is Jewish so they celebrate both.  
La Nina:  So, he gets gifts everyday and on Christmas.  
Me:  Yes, I think that's how their family does it.  

The conversation continued for several more minutes with La Nina listing friends and asking about their holiday traditions.  In some cases, I knew and in others I didn't.  By the time we arrived at her play date, I was exhausted from the strain of carefully choosing my words.  As she trotted into her friends house, her friend's mom came out to discuss play date details.  I whined about the questions.  My friend laughed and said, "At least she didn't throw Kawanza at you. I had to look that one up on line."  I guess she's right. 

What's amazing to me is that at six, La Nina is aware that different people celebrate different holidays.  I think I was 11 or 12 before I figured out some people don't celebrate Christmas.  And it's good that she understands the cultural differences of people, but from a parenting perspective, it's harder.  It exposes the myths of Christmas so much earlier and tests my knowledge not only of other traditions, but of my own.   I hope I passed today's test.  I'm planning to get a good night's sleep tonight, so I can be rested for tomorrows. 


  • At 6:03 AM , Blogger Johnny said...

    Great post. We dance along the line (without much of a clue) like that often.


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