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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh what a difference a "mellow" weekend makes...

My life has been so out of control lately. All the travel in August and the upheaval of summer left my head swirling with logistics. Monday soccer and dance, Tuesday dance, Wednesday laundry, Thursday soccer and dance, then leave town on Friday until Sunday night, then start all over again n Monday morning. And did I mention I had to work 25 hours at some point between the activities and the laundry? Needless to say, I ended summer just exhausted.

But now that school has been back in session a couple of weeks and we've been forced to curtail our extra-circular activities...which only means we need to stay in town and what a difference it makes to not travel.

As I sit here on Sunday night, I know all my laundry is clean and folded. I still have a load to put away, but this is as good as done in my books. The grocery shopping is also done and I'm confident that I can feed my family for 5 nights without having to break down and order take out. I hate when we need to go out to dinner during the week. It messes up homework and my kids just have better weeks when we're home for dinner. Best of all, the house doesn't look like a Category 5 hurricane as blown through it. Now, don't think this means my house is clean, it isn't. But really, the upset from a mere thunder storm is pretty normal. There's a branch down here or there, but nothing major.

And the funny thing is, the weekend hasn't really been mellow. Yesterday morning we had the annual opening day of soccer parade at 7am, then our first game at 10am. But that was it for the day. I had time to hit the Farmer's Market, the grocery store and do laundry. WOW! Then today, the girls' had a birthday party followed by their monthly First Tee golf event. We went shopping and watched a friends soccer game too. I finished up the laundry, made dinner and I sit blogging. What a treat.

Now, the next week of our regular life doesn't seem so impossible. Busy yes, but not impossible. And I'm very grateful that I have time to sit back and enjoy tonight. Sometimes having fun gets in the way of just relaxing.


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