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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The School Lunch Menu

As a working mom, the best deal in town is the school lunch. For $3 a day, I can feed the kids a hot lunch that I don't have to pack. The kids generally like it, but lately, La Nina has been bustling about the kitchen in the morning making her own lunch. (See what happens when kids figure out their mother isn't going to do something for them? INDEPENDENCE! A good thing.)

Anyhoo, I asked why the sudden interest in "taking" and here's the answer.

"Because on Wednesday's the pizza is only yarn and cardboard," she answered.

I tried to reason: They aren't serving kids yarn and cardboard, but she insisted...yarn and cardboard was on the menu.

The reality of this answer is amusing. Wednesday's is Revolution Food day, the day each week, that the school brings in organic, whole grain, healthy fare to nourish the bodies of their young charges. Apparently, all that health food isn't cutting the mustard on taste. According to my young eater, the pizza crust is dry, the cheese doesn't taste quite right and the sauce is bland. So Oprah, you may have featured this menu on your show, but I think you needed to convince some average kids to eat it. My average kid is opting out, taking a peanut butter sandwich, apples and crackers. At least it isn't yarn and card board.


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