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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Maggie's Trip to the Lab

In line with the protocol for all internationally adopted children, Maggie must endure a series of health screening tests to verify that she is in good health. Most of these tests were conducted in China and we know the results were all good. So, while we are reasonably certain she doesn't have HIV or Hepatitis or any number of ailments on the screening list, we still have to go through this process to validate the Chinese test results for the Federal and State government. Given Maggie's basic disposition and ability to scream louder than any person I know, I just wasn't looking forward to our lab appointment.

Not only did Maggie have a long 20 minutes in the lab, every lab worker and patient who had the misfortune of sharing that 20 minutes with us had a memorable experience. Maggie started screaming as soon as she saw the lab technician. This techician hadn't even touched Maggie when the screaming started. Wisely, the lab technician immediately called in reinforcements. A second lab techician came to help me hold Maggie who added violent squirming and head butting to her ear shattering screams. Somehow the lab tech did find a vein and start drawing blood. She successfully retrieved 3 of the needed 7 vials, when Maggie somehow flexed her arm so hard the butterfly came out. The lab tech said she had never seen a child do that before, let alone a baby. (That's my girl, I suppose.)

After a 5 minute break, a new set of lab techs tried to draw the remaining 4 vials of blood. By the time the new techs were ready, Maggie was basically done. She would have nothing to do with the process. A third tech was brought in for help, but Maggie was fighting so hard, a second attempt was impossible. Frankly, we were all worried she was going to hurt herself.

I had prepared myself for today's drama, so while it was tough to watch and hear, it went about as well as I expected. I felt so sorry for the people who were in the lab at the same time as us. Those poor, unsuspecting people got a "Full Maggie". I hope their ears are ok. I will wait a couple of days before we try again. We have other samples we need to collect and we can try for the last 4 vials when we return those. The lab knows we will be back so if you hear about a 'sick out' in the lab in Pleasanton, you will know why.

Incidentally, Maggie was fine as soon as we left the lab. She took a really long nap this afternoon but suffered no other side effects from her big day. I have a feeling there will be a part 2 to this post.


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