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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

But Sometimes The Mother Really Does Know

In preparation for Kindergarten, the preschool has begun phasing out La Nina's naps. Now, I know most of the moms in the class were praying for this as day time napping causes their kids not to sleep at night. However, I have been dreading this forced nap reduction. Why? Because La Nina still needs naps most days.

Oh sure, a couple of days a week, she's ok without a nap, but not school days. Even on her nap free, non-school days, she falls asleep for 20-30 minutes every afternoon, especially if you put her in a car. I expressed my concerns to the school, to friends, to other Moms, to anyone who would listen to me...and everyone discounted my fears. (The Grandmothers did not discout my worries...they know.) Any hoo, I've been told that I "coddle her napping needs" (the school), "based on her age, she doesn't physically need a nap" (friends who fancy themselves medical), I'm "just being cautious because she's my oldest" (nameless person who I should never listen to) and best, I'm "exaggerating" her sleep patterns.

In fairness, the school is phasing the nap out slowly. Since the first of Feb. she's been to school three days without a nap. But it's safe to's a disaster. Here's the run down of events:

Day 1: I picked her up and she began weeping as soon as she got in the car. She cried the whole way home. No reason, just spontaneous tears. I made her chicken nuggets for dinner. She wept while she ate and she went to bed at 6:15pm.
Day 2: She made it to an early family dinner, but could only put food in her mouth when she removed her fingers from the same mouth. She almost drifted off during the meal. I put her to bed at 6:35. She told me she wasn't tired with a yawn, then practically fell asleep sitting up.
Day 3 (today): I picked her up from school early, knowing it was going to be ugly. She got in the van and told me "Mom, I need to sleep at school. I'm just get too tired." She came home, wept when her sister colored a Little Pony coloring page yellow instead of pink and was sent to bed for an attitude problem at 6:40pm.

So- first, I need a moment to say, "NEINER, NEINER, NEINER, I'm right!" Okay, now that I'm past that, I guess I will need to pick her up earlier on non-napping days so I can see her before she goes to bed. Man, I hope she gets morning Kindergarten!

****A note regarding slower blog posts: Yes, I've slowed down posting. The reason? Not a vacation, darn it. I've landed a big writing project and spend most evenings writing about Road Safety in Africa--really. Guess why motorcyclist don't like to wear helmets in Nigeria? It's hot there! Trust me, I'd rather be writing here, so I'll try to post at least weekly and I'll get back to my normal pace as soon as the work is complete.


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