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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goodness, We have a Date!

Tonight was Kindergarten Orientation for parents in our neck of the woods. The night when all parents must go and get the low down from the school district on what to expect. Amid the parents who were worried that the public school system might slow down their child's learning of algebra and the other parents asking if it was possible to enroll their children in two programs as one hardly seemed sufficient sat me.

My only question: Homework. I want to know how much homework they're assigning kindergartners these days. Why? I'm not very good at homework. Ok, I spent high school dodging the actual work of home work. How am I going to make my kids sit down and do their reading when the only thing I ever read was Cliff notes? And as for math, they're going to pass me in the third grade. Ok, I may hang through elementary school, but I'm definitely toast in Junior High. And now, the school system thinks its wise to put me in charge of supplementing my children's education? I still remember some of these teachers. I don't think they ever figured out my tricks. I'm worried for my kids. Truly.

I see the homework packets kindergartners are bringing home each week. I see the parents patiently coaching their kids through the worksheets at gymnastics. Is that going to be me soon? How am I not going to say, "Oh, this is ridiculous! Let's just find a shortcut." I guess we'll be finding out. We register next month, go on site visits with the kids in April, get placed in June and (gulp), meet our teachers the week of 8/22, and start 8/28. It's all happening so fast. And somehow, I really think the school district needs to consider leaving me in charge of homework.

PS My parents as witnesses, this is in no way an admission of bad grades. I received decent grades, completed college with honors and am gainfully employed. I just never liked homework.


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