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Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, if I do nothing, then...

I went to pick up the girls from school today and I was met by the snickers of a teacher. Apparently in La Nina's class the kids were talking about what their Mommy's and Daddy's do for work. Near as I can tell, here's how the conversation went:

Teacher: And what does your daddy do all day, La Nina?
La Nina: He leaves the house and works really hard.
Teacher: What about your Mommy?
La Nina: She does nothing.

Yes, my daughter told her class that I lay on the couch all day long and eat bon-bons. I wish! Now, I find this amusing. One because it's my dream to do nothing, but any one who knows me will atest to the fact that 'nothing' is not in my DNA. And two because said DNA problems end up leading me to overcommit myself. This 'nothing' theory sure leave me exhausted most of the time.

But more importantly, why would she answer this? She sees me doing housework, she knows I leave for work 3 days a week, she sees my bylines in the paper, she knows about my volunteer things and all of this equals...nothing. You have to admit, it's funny.

The teacher who knows I'm a writer also found it amusing, as did the school director and the other parents who were also picking up kids at the same time I was. I just wish it were true.


  • At 7:09 PM , Blogger Donna said...

    I don't even have part-time work or volunteer work, and I'm sure I work harder than my full-time employed spouse! Being a SAHM is not leisurely work! Not if you do it right!


  • At 12:52 PM , Blogger "M" said...

    My nephew thinks his mommy only ever 'plays on the 'puter' (computer). That is his answer for everything. He is 6. lol.

    And we all know she does a lot more than just play on the 'puter!



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