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Friday, March 09, 2007

I was going to post, but then...

I was going to post to my blog last weekend, and then...

we got caught up in planning for and celebrating La Nina's fifth birthday. There were two parties to attend in her honor plus the normal weekend chaos, so I put posting off until Monday night which was going to be a saner night.

and then,
I dislocated Maggie's elbow. Yes, I pulled my child's arm out of the socket. It was an accident and I felt terrible. She told me "I ruined it" through a veil of tears which made me feel even worse. Luckily our neighbor is a nurse and she was able to put a temporary cast on it until we could get into a doctor early the next morning. Two and a half hours and an xray later, it was determined that her arm slipped back into joint and she was fine.

and then,
the whole emergency room thing made me change my flights for a planned business trip. I had to leave the hospital and head straight for the airport in order to make a new flight--which was delayed by two and a half hours, but who's counting.

and then,
I spent 31 hours in Manhattan, only about 7 of those hours were spent sleeping. The rest were spent working.

and then,
I had to fly straight home and make a cake to celebrate La Nina's actual fifth birthday. Luckily, I had wrapped presents before Monday night.

and then,
I collapsed about 7:30 last night from the sheer exhaustion of my week and now I'm posting, only six days after I thought I would.

And five years ago, I called my childless life crazy. What was I thinking?


  • At 1:08 PM , Blogger dmfl2000 said...

    Pretty darn good for someone who "does nothing." Happy birthday to the Anqingster who made me feel it would all turn out fine!

    - Donna L.


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