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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Message from Trump's Dance Academy

Dear Parent:

You're daughter, La Nina, and your wallet are invited to take dance to a whole new level. Because your daughter possesses a rare gift and you've demonstrated willingness to fund it, we're inviting her to join the Dance Team. Not only will your daughter be able to do things that you know she'd love, you'll have the rare privilege of paying for it.

Yep, she'll be dancing at Disneyland, performing in the Nutcracker and pirouetting around Pleasanton...while you'll spend countless hours driving her to lessons, practices and performances. While she's practicing tap, jazz and ballet, you'll learn to apply fake eyelashes, glitter and hairspray. Plus you'll pay for costumes, lessons, sweatsuits and dance bags. Good thing your credit rating is so strong.

Finally, dear parent, remember, if your child has not found a direction in life by the time she's seven, all hope of scholarships are out the window. So, choose wisely for your future: Start now or pay later.


Trumps Dance Academ


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