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Thursday, March 22, 2007

And now we wait....

Did I scare you with that headline? We're not waiting for a baby, but waiting to find out the elementary school that La Nina will attend. Yesterday was Kindergarten walk through in our area. The day when all that extra paper work pays off and my delayed registration of birth is worth its weight in gold, because it reduces by one the lines for registration.

A few notes on the day:

1.) We've applied for La Nina to attend a dual immersion program for Spanish. The program works by immersing the kids into a foreign language. All subjects are taught in Spanish and English is only spoken a small percentage of the time in the classroom until 3rd grade. (Yes, I would've picked Mandarin if they had it, but they didn' Spanish it is.) By 5th grade, the kids are bi-literate and bi-lingual in both languages. We'll know by mid-June if we're in the program or not.

2.) For the first time, I had to check a box that identifies La Nina's race. Until yesterday, I'd never checked anything but the "honky" box for myself and checking another box sort of bothered me. I mean, does it really matter? Should I have gone "decline to state"? The box never bothered me before, but now I find it a slightly offensive. And I really wonder about its relevancy.

3.) So, it's no secret I'm not a young Mommy, but I never felt so old as yesterday. There were people 15 years younger than me registering kids for Kindergarten. I think there was a woman who was born in the 1980's standing next to me. It was really grim. Most of the people I know have kids under 10 and they're my age, so I sort of lose contact with the fact I'm an old bat....until yesterday. At least no one asked me if I was registering my granddaughter.

When I told La Nina she was signed up, she asked: "Will they let me take a nap there?" Poor kid, she has no idea what she's in for.


  • At 8:54 PM , Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

    >>>"Will they let me take a nap there?"

    Yeah, that's how I feel about a whole bunch of stuff too. There are an awful lot of things that would be a lot more tolerable with a nice refreshing nap in the middle. Go La Nina!


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