Maggie Makes Four!

This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I thought I had it down this morning. I was dropping the kids off, but by 8:15am I had them dressed, brushed, washed and ready to go. We even had coats in hand, were making potty runs and I was secretly thrilled I was going to make it to work on time. Works been a little crazy lately. Then the phone rang.

A little back ground, La NIna's been sick since Sunday. She woke up on Easter with a fever and a sore throat, so she and I missed the big egg hunt to work on getting well. Then Monday, the fever seemed better but she had these circular rashes the size of oranges, covering her legs. They were raised and angry looking...they even felt hot when I touched them. So, off we went to the doctor, where they did a throat culture and sent me to dermatology. Three doctors later it was determined that La Nina had hives and we were given two different anti-histamines to get them under control. She seemed better yesterday, and practically fine today: the hives were receding, the fever was long gone, she was even eating again...but that darn phone.

It was the doctor calling to tell me La Nina did have strep throat, needed anti-biotics and the way no school. And that's when I heard a crash. Glass splattered all over the entry way right as I was about to ask the doctor if he realized what chaos he'd just caused me? But I forgot about that because I really didn't want to go into an emergency room and explain..."Gee, my kid with strep broke a candle while I was on the phone getting instructions on how to better medicate her..." I cleaned up the mess while my mind raced....big project launch in 2 weeks, kid sick, glass all over.....what has my life become and why did I say I would drop off this morning?

In a panic, I called my folks for help. They rushed over to get the La Nina. Maggie could definitely go to school. Nothing wrong with her? Right. Well, when Papa showed up to grab La Nina and Maggie figured out that La Nina was going to watch television and eat fudgesicles all day long at Nana-Papas...well, she pitched a bloody fit the likes of which only she can pitch. So, Papa took home two sickie, the other a wanna be sickie.. for a day of couch surfing.

Miraculously I was only 20 minutes late for work. There is NO WAY we could be making it through mornings, let alone weeks, like this one without having family less than 5 miles away. Thanks Mom and Dad. We are truly, truly grateful.

A footnote to this story: La Nina's getting antibiotics and antihistamines until she is better and the Magster is green with envy. But tonight I came up with the perfect solution. I have some chewable kids vitamins that neither kid liked so I gave one to Maggie as "medicine." When she asked me what it was called, I told her it was a "placebo" and she had to eat the whole thing. She did then proudly told her dad she took a "placebo." hehehe...I hope she doesn't learn what that word means for a LONG time...'cuz it worked.


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