Maggie Makes Four!

This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mommy's Bad Morning

I was alone with the girls this morning. The Dad was on one of his rare business trips. The following events transpired between 7am and 9am.

7am- Upon awakening, La Nina realized her sister was enjoying the Wiggles which meant she had missed her current favorite show: Hi-5. Tears.

7:15am- La Nina fed up with the Aussies changes the station during "Fruit Salad" in order to catch the last part of Miss Spider. The Magster is devastated. Tears.

7:20am- I threaten to turn off television..The Wiggles end. I put on Diego as a compromise...all is well.

7:30am- For some reason, Maggie curls into the fetal position on her bed and refuses to get dressed. At the same time, her sister, clad in a ball gown, is laying in the hall sobbing because I refused to let her wear makeup to school.

7:45am- After I prepared the breakfasts according to the girls' requests, they told me their meals were "disgusting" and they refused to eat.

7:46am- I told both girls I'm not a short order cook and they better eat, 'cuz this was all they were getting. The Magster made a plea for a cookie, I glared at her. She ate her waffle. La Nina ate some canned pear and grumbled more about the disgustingness of cereal.

8:15am- Face washing time. Both girls refuse to cooperate and scream that washing faces is not necessary. I advise them it is necessary, pin their bodies between my legs and wash their faces. Both girls beg for their father to return. I tell them he can't get home quick enough for me either.

8:30am- Maggie is in pants. La Nina's in her ball gown and I'm in a skirt. La Nina tells Maggie that she is a "Man" because she's wearing pants. This causes the Magster to dissolve into tears. Just as I get her settled down, La Nina runs passed us and says, "MAN". More tears. I advise La Nina she is on thin ice, and send the girls to get in the car.

8:35am- There are more 'Man' comments, more tears, a convulted, yet passionate, 'Sticks and Stones' statement, and I finally forbid the kids from speaking in the van. We begin driving to school, but I stop the car every time a word (which is usually "Man") is uttered. Finally, the kids figure out I'm serious, and they stop speaking. I have 5 minutes of peace. Not enough.

8:55am- We arrive at the school. I advise the girls to get out of their seats, but La Nina shrugs her shoulders. I ask her what's wrong, I get a shrug. Then she begins waving her hands. Finally, I tell her it's okay to talk and she tells me I told her she couldn't talk. I ask her about the hands...sign language, she answers. OK. Then she tells me she doesn't like the jacket we brought and wants a different one that's at home.

8:56am- I tell her to get out of her car seat.

9:00am- I get back in the van after signing the girls into their classes. I'm exhausted. Time to go to work. What a way to start a day.


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