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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catching Up

I've been away for several days on a vacation and am just now getting back in the swing of I thought I'd catch you up on the happenings.

Kids: The kids loved our trip to Colorado. They rode horses, fished, played with the other kids on the trip and took spins on 4 wheelers. But the most memorable part of the trip: A mouse that wandered into the ranch house where we were staying. They have talked non-stop about the mouse, the trap that killed the mouse, the wheelbarrow where the dead mouse stayed and now want to know exactly why we didn't want a mouse in the house. I've tried to explain that mice are dirty and better off outside, but my reasoning is falls on deaf ears. Who knew a mouse could trump a horse in terms of vacation entertainment value? Strap a saddle on a mouse and we may just have something new for the kids.

Remodel: Yes, we're still homeless. It's very disconcerting to return home from vacation and not actually get to go home. The first thing we did when we got back to town was check house to see the work completed. The floors are done, the granite is in and we're waiting for the tile work to start. It looks like a whole new house and the closer it gets to completion the more anxious we are to move back in. Our timeline has been pushed back 1 week and we should be back in by Aug. 1.

Other Happenings: I took the kids to see Ratatouille solo today. It was a fairly bold move given that La Nina has struggled both times we've taken her to the show. She did okay today. At one point, she had both her hands over her ears and her face buried in my shoulder, but she made it. One big disadvantage of taking kids to the movies alone: The popcorn line. It was so long, I couldn't possibly wait in line and the theatre was so crowded, I couldn't leave the kids alone. popcorn today. The Magster was quite dismayed, but suffered through the snackless movie quite well. My girls are so different. The Magster sat through the whole movie laughing at funny parts and whining at every opportunity the lack of popcorn. La Nina sat on my other side, clutching her ears, covering her eyes and begging me not to leave her alone to get popcorn. Oy vey!

Incidentally, Ratatouille is a cute movie. It seemed loud to me, but I don't get out much.

That's it for me tonight.


  • At 12:30 PM , Blogger M3 said...

    Welcome home! (sort of)

    All movies seem loud to me now. I think I might be getting (cough cough) old... :-(

  • At 10:16 PM , Blogger One Lucky Mom said...

    They are loud...and yes, I'm getting old right along with you!


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