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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Remodel Update: My Eyes are Closed!

The remodel is still now entering its fourth week, and things are going well. All the electrical is complete, the plumbing is complete and the walls have been retextured. Where they removed the wall, it looks like the wall was simply erased. There is no sign a wall ever lived there.

This week is a nail biter for me. They're painting.

I've never been shy about colors on my walls. I love the mood color creates, I love the emotion it adds to a room. But this time I'm scared. We aren't just painting a single room or a solitary wall for accent. We're painting the entire interior of our house (except the master bathroom) and we're commiting on color. Big time.

The tamest color we're using is "flaxseed"..which is a gold color. The boldest is "caramel candy". It's the color of caramel candy. A family member who shall rename nameless called our bold color a "crappy color". Truth be told, if you think that caramel candy looks like crap...well, then it's a 'crappy' color. Other colors include Gold Promise, Soft Moccasin, Cushy Suede and some color in the kitchen that is sort of an olive green. In another life I want to be the person that names paints.

The girls' rooms are getting spruced up too. I let each girl choose the color of their room within reason. I narrowed their selections down to two that I could live with and each made the final decision. La Nina's room is a lovely pink, and the Magster is sticking with yellow but getting a new coat.

So, why the stress this week? Now that we've removed the wall, there are several points in the house where all four major colors are visible, so the color of every room impacts the room next to it. The decorators and I went through three rounds of color and only finalized everything on Friday. It was a struggle.

And even now, on painting eve, I'm worried I'm going to hate something. I know it's silly, because paint is the easiest thing to change...but still, I can't imagine what it will take to find a new color that matches everything if one of my choices doesn't work. Keep your fingers crossed.


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