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Sunday, June 03, 2007

As if a remodel isn't enough...

Tonight, I had a chore tougher than packing for the remodel. I had to repair La Nina's dance costume and hair piece. You should know a few things about me if don't already: First, I'm not crafty. Second, I never took home economics at any point in my life, and my mother's attempts to teach me to sew didn't take. Third, I believe all sewing issues can be resolved with office supplies. You'd be surprised the level of hem repair that can be accomplished with some creative stapling.

Alas, no staple in the world could fix the flowers that fell apart in La Nina's hair piece on the way to picture day. So, I pulled out my glue gun (I know, sis, you didn't think I owned one) for a little repair job.

Now, this repair was complicated. The flowers are silk, the barrett plastic and I had to get bead of glue just right or the flowers would look like they were covered with cob webs or worse, the barrett wouldn't function. I carefully laid a drop of glue on the plastic holder, gently pulled the glue straight out from the flowers and promptly dropped the whole hair piece on the tutu of the costume. Yep, that's right, I got glue on the tulle. Now...that's actually hard to do when the stupid costume is hanging up on a door knob about 5 feet from where I'm working, but I managed. Fumbling is bad. You need to let things fall. Don't try to catch them. Trust me.

The good news is glue does come off tulle without ruining it...if you're patient. So, then it was onto repair the flowers on the costume itself. For this, I had to sew. Nothing fancy, just a few stiches. I carefully lined up my needle and took the three stitches the costume needed. The stupid flower thing went crooked on me. I pulled, I tugged, I twisted. The flowers, looked went up, then down, then up again...and never straight. I was tempted by the glue gun, but remembered the pain of glue on tulle and refrained. SO, at the point, it looks like the hair thing is okay and the costume will at least survive the dress rehearsal in one piece. Besides, let's face it...who's going to notice the costume when she'll look so lovely with her hair done just so?


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