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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Time It's Going to Be Different

It's official. I'm now unemployed AND homeless. Yes, I'm realizing every mother's worst nightmare for a child. Ok, so the jobless thing was planned and the homeless thing is have to admit, it's worrisome when you read "unemployed and homeless."

This will be my second attempt at full time motherhood. The first round of mothering wasn't planned. When Maggie came home, it was clear she needed me worse than the job did. When the job didn't cooperate with my needs, I quit. Now after a year of mostly part time and partly full time work, I'm taking a break and staying home full time for an undetermined period of time.

Since this is a more planned adventure, I've pondered what I want to change about this turn through the madness home life. Here's what I want to change:

1.) Last time I stayed home I was grocery shopping at 4 different stores. I went to one every day. Partially this is because I had Maggie on a wheat free diet, which cleared up her eczema, but kept me running from place to place. This time around, one more..and better face cream.

2.) I love Target. It's my absolute favorite hangout. Pathetic, I know, and I probably don't need to go there every Thursday...(It was the one the day I didn't grocery shop.) But where else can I get toys for a birthday, motor oil and a new set of pots and pans? This time around, I plan to limit myself to 1 trip every month. (GULP!)

3.) Last time around, I was just getting started as a writer...thanks to this blog. Then, when I went back to work, I started writing for real money. But somewhere along the way, I forgot to write for the joy of writing. Sure, corporate writing pays and journalism is fun, but I need to save some creative juices for other projects. The stories I'm most proud of, the ones that have won awards and the one that was published, I wrote for fun...not pay. This time around, I plan to write for fun everyday.

4.) It's tough to explore when you're up 6 times a night with a Magster and then home by one for La Nina's required nap. But now with a 5 year old and a 3.5 year old, exploring is much easier. This time around I hope to plan more outings with friends to parks, museums and local happenings. And yes, I'll still need to make sure La Nina gets her sleep.

5.) This is just something I want to do. My mac and I have been dating for the past few months, and it's time we take our relationship to the next level. I need to invest some time in her, get to know her, and who knows...may be figure out how to post pictures to my blog again.

Hopefully, the last year of work will make me appreciate the time I have with my kids. This time I'm expecting the rough days and planning for the monotony of the stay home Mom routine. I'm sure I'll feel like my brain is turning to mush, my children never listen to me and no one appreciates my efforts...yet this time, hopefully, going into drill of a stay-home-life with a plan will help. And if it doesn't, I'm determined to beat the Dad's prediction and last longer than 6 weeks before I start looking for a new job.


  • At 3:53 PM , Blogger Donna said...

    Target only once per month? :::THUD!::: (that was the sound of me falling off my chair after typing that). I'm addicted to Target. My girls call it the Big Red Ball Store.

    Good luck with the new plan(s). I quit work 20 months ago and gained 30 pounds. But I wouldn't trade even one ounce of it for a lost hour with my girls.

    Your kids are lucky to have such a dedicated mommy!



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