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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reunion Time!

We had a rollicking good time this weekend visiting with the Magster's travel group. The reunion was held in Pismo Beach, kind of the mid-point for Southern and Northern California. Despite Pismo's gritty reputation, I like the place. Great beaches, not too commercial, not ridiculously over-priced...but then again, I'm a what do I know.

Out of the 25 families we traveled with in November 2004, twenty two families attended. Only one family is completely missing and the other two families had major conflicts. We missed them both. So, yes, we spent the weekend with 20+ girls under the age of 6. The elder statesmen of the group were two brothers 8. Lots of kids.

As with all reunions, it was wonderful to reconnect with the people who "knew us when." It was also fun to see how wonderfully the girls are doing. In this group of girls, there have been no problems I consider major. A few kids had some speech therapy and some physical therapy, but that's hardly unusual among any group of children. Frankly, now, three years after their adoption you'd never guess which kids had extra help.

Whereas at La Nina's reunion last year, the four and a half year olds really understood their connection to each other, this group is still too young for all of that. Instead this was more an extended play date of long lost friends. There's no doubt this reunion will be a wonderful chapter in the book of their relationship and next time, they'll get the whole back story.

On another note: Of course, this reunion completely got in the way of my Harry Potter Book Seven purchase. I was chatting with one of the Dad's (mind you, not my husband...just a travel friend) about the lack of a book store in Pismo and lamenting the Potter-less weekend. I even witnessed kids reading the book on the beach. I wanted to kick sand on them and steal their books. Isn't that awful? Later that night, this wonderful, thoughtful man surprised me with a copy of the book on my chair. Caio- I have a book to read!


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