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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Well, what have you been up to?

Hmmm, it's been busy around here.  Hard to believe Christmas was over a week ago, the New Year is three days old AND the kids go back to school in less than 36 hours....not that I'm counting.  My sister told me I should do a traditional Christmas by the numbers post, but really, our Christmas was uneventful.  Well, as uneventful as it ever is with kids 6 and 5.  Not a single person in our household was awake to see in the New Year.  So, the holidays themselves were standard.  Now the break from school, that's been a bit different.  So, here are a few highlights:  

  • Attended a cookie decorating party for La Nina's dance team. 
  • Hosted a playdate where the girls put fairy dust in their hair so thick their scalps sparkled.  Consequently, I'm still removing glitter from my floor and all glitter is banned from my house.
  • Two days after Christmas hosted a segment of a neighborhood progressive dinner and am proud to be one of the few women in the neighborhood who remembers the entire evening.  
  • Watched the Magster begin riding her two-wheel bike without assistance.  She's now ready to be a stunt rider in the circus.  
  • Took the girls ice skating in SF, toured Chinatown and looked in the windows downtown.  Promised La Nina if our dog died before they took down the Christmas display, she could get a puppy from the Macy's window, but have had to watch her around our dog ever since.  
  • Spent a day playing in the snow in the Sierra's with some friends.  It's our annual trip and the girls love sledding, building snowmen and making snow angels.
  • Rung in the New Year with a family Wii Bowling Tournament.  No one actually was awake at midnight, but we celebrated the New Year on East Coast time.  
  • Took the girls shopping for shoes, always a chore with La Nina.  We actually escaped the shoe store in less than an hour, an all time record.  
  • Hosted some friends for an impromptu dinner.  (Always the best stress over a clean house.)  

All we have left is tomorrow, then it's back to school.  I thought we'd have this very mellow break, but now I wonder how we ever manage school.  Next week, it will be back to homework and early bedtimes.  Hard to believe the holidays are behind us and the calendar now reads January 2009.  We hope it's a good one for everybody.  


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