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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

End of an Era

I remember when I found out La Nina had afternoon kindergarten almost two years ago now, I was kind of disappointed.  It meant Maggie would have to switch pre-schools, I couldn't use any kind of traditional day care and our days would be cut in half, but the half missing was going to come from the middle.  It all felt so wrong.  

My neighbor told me I should be happy that she requested afternoon kindergarten.  She said it seemed longer.  During the 200 minutes the kids were in school, she could go to lunch with a friend and hit the grocery store.  Once we started Kindergarten, I realized my neighbor was right.  Afternoon kindergarten was great.  No rushing a kid out the door in the morning.  We could take long morning baths, be more lenient on bed times and arrange morning play dates.  Also, afternoon kindergarten is the hang out for stay home moms or moms like me who want to work on their own terms.  I fell into a pattern I liked and when it was Maggie's to start school last spring, I requested the afternoon class.

Today was my last day at home with an afternoon kindergartner.  I'm out of town the next couple of days and next week the Magster goes to school early.  So, today was it.  The last day of the life I never thought I'd like but came to love.  And as Maggie and I were eating our last early lunch together, I felt so sad.  There will be no more lunches at 11 where I beg her to eat something, anything and she refuses.  There will be no more car rides where I pretend I forgot how to get to school and she directs me from the back seat.  No more artistic surprises when I get out of the shower.  Next year, my baby is in school all day and to me, this change is much bigger than when kids start kindergarten.  

Yes, there is a large part of me doing a happy dance that I'll have 6 glorious hours of freedom everyday.   While I'm sad this era is ending, I'm also curious what the school era holds for me.  I can't imagine working more than a few hours a day, yet I sort of want to work.  I also would like to finish my darn book that has been side lined for awhile. Or at least decide if I want to finish it or start something different.  The possibilities are only limited by my ability to envision them.  


  • At 8:25 AM , Blogger Marci said...

    I know exactly how you feel! I have (and will) cried for every last day of K... no so much for the first day. Mostly, I was thrilled to see them start school, but K is a special year. You make lifelong friends and it's just so much more casual. Abbie just wandered down and wondered where her brothers were. Next year, I won't be able to say "already left for school, sleepyhead!"


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