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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mad Librarian Holds Children Hostage

PTOWN, CA, USA-  A school librarian, worried children would not return overdue books before the end of the school year, took over 60 kids hostage at various times during the school day.  The librarian did this on the school's only field day, a day long party at their school.   Once she took custody of the children she called parents advising them their children would miss the entire day of fun, if they did not return the book or buy the book immediately.  

"I told the kids that they wouldn't get their report cards if their books hadn't been returned," said the librarian.  Apparently, when children laughed at this threat (and what self-respecting child wouldn't?), she took action.  

The librarian used a systematic approach to the kidnappings.  She gathered 10 children at a time and instructed them to call their parents.  When a child's parents either returned the book or showed up with a check, the child was released from jail...oops the writer means the "library", and another child was snatched from class by a fifth grade "helper".

One girl by the name of La Nina was held hostage for about 30 minutes before her teacher tracked down her mother in her sister's classroom.  Apparently, the mother couldn't hear her cell phone over the din of the kindergarten carnival where she was volunteering.  

The child was released as soon as her mother showed up, but her mother, who received no notice of this deadline for payment, was stunned by the school's aggressive action.  

"I knew the book was lost," said her mother.  "But no one ever told me the cost of the book and I had no idea how to resolve the issue.  Other moms told me I'd get a bill over the summer, so I didn't worry about it."  

In a cost saving effort, the librarian opted not to notify parents directly of the costs of books this year.  Rather, she advised the children and teachers who were supposed to tell parents.  When new procedure didn't yield any books, she took to kidnapping.  

"Well, teachers should have known I'd do something.  We have 60 books missing." 

As parents pointed out, why is it a teacher's job to notify us of the library's procedures?  Shouldn't a librarian, who's jobs were just saved when teacher's jobs were lost, do that?  Are we missing something here? 

All morning, parents dashed to the school with check books in hand, the librarian slowly collected her fines and released kids back to their field day.  It should be noted very few library books were recovered during this one day crusade.  One witness reported seeing 7 mothers in line all with check books as who has time to look for books during the last week of school?

Despite the fact their parent's were outraged, most children were unfazed by the librarian's actions.  One child named La Nina who lost a library book in March and did tell her mother that all library books were due June 1, said this.

"Well, Mom, it was cold at field day and our class wanted to stay inside and watch Nemo.  I don't like that movie, so I was happy in the library.  You didn't have to hurry."



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