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This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Whole New World

It was well over one hundred degrees here today and the kids and I headed to the pool.  Of course, we didn't get there until noon and all the shady spots near the pool were taken, but there are some great trees that line the edges of the club, so we picked out a nice spot under a willow.  The problem:  we were easily 25 yards from the pools edge, my usual hang out when the kids are swimming.  I've always been so paranoid around that I won't leave the edge of the pool.  

Oh, the pool is lifeguarded.  And really, La Nina has been water safe for years.  But the Magster is more reluctant in the water, so I never felt good leaving her in the pool...even with lifeguards, even to just run to the bathroom.  

But this year, things are different.  The Magster took off during swim lessons and swam the length of the pool many, many times during the past two weeks.  And she swam it in multiple strokes:  the free style, the breast stroke as well as the back stroke.  Really, she's completely water safe.  Even I can't justify my own paranoia any longer.  

So, it came down to this:  both kids swim strong enough to save themselves.  The lifeguards (two of them) were there to handle anything catastrophic and enforce rules (did I ever tell you about La Nina's ability to perform flips into the pool?)..what was I worrying about?  So, I did it.  I sat in the shade, I read a magazine and relaxed.....when I wasn't so hot I was in the pool myself.  It was so odd.  Wonderful and delightful.  Suddenly, our pool membership is a lot more appealing.  Now, if they just served Lava Flows, I'd be in business.


  • At 12:57 AM , Blogger Debbie said...

    Oh! The freedom for you! I remember that time well, when I was on holiday (we dont have neighbourhood pools in the UK) and I could relax whilst my two just swam and played with me just raising my head to check on them every once in a while!

    Debbie in the UK

  • At 7:14 PM , Blogger Mahmee said...

    Congrats on the milestone! (I remember reading your post last year re: your jump into the pool with your clothes on to grab one of the girls....yeesh)
    We live in a city that is chock full o' water and I cannot wait for the day that our daughter can swim successfully too!


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