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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Remodel Update: What are we doing again?

What's that old expression about remodeling? Double the time and triple the cost and that's the best estimate for a remodel? As my old sociology professor used to say, behind every prejudice and stereotype is a kernel of truth. I see that sociologists theory holds true for remodels as well.

This remodel started because I need an office or at least a place to write. Our house is the perfect size for our family, but the space is designed for a couple. So, we thought...hey, add an office, solve some design problems, keep the neighborhood we love, get an improved house, all without moving. Add the allure of keeping property taxes under control, and I was the first in line to remodel.

So, over the past few months, we've met with an architect, an engineer, city planners, general contractors, decorators, mortgage brokers...and in the process we determined if we're going to be adding an office, we may as well remodel the kitchen. And if we're remodeling the kitchen, we may as well fix the laundry room. And you know, the flooring in this place really needs help. Then there are the closets. And don't even talk to me about the girls bathroom. So, we set a budget, upped the budget, upped the budget again...and applied for a loan. We took our plans to city, and they sent us back to engineering, which forced the framer to redo his numbers for the general contractor, and we finally got a total cost for all the work we want to do last Thursday....and it was over budget, before a wall even came down.

And that takes us to decision time. What's it going to be more space or same space more efficiently configured? We decided that by eliminating the office and therefore, the second floor, we could afford many of the other projects including one which will provide me writing space. So, now we know what we're doing, but of course, it will probably change once we get underway. So, that is the how we got to where we are. But if you ask me again next week, it may change.

First wall down status: About 3 weeks away. We bought ourselves some time by focusing on the kitchen.

Brief Status: Packing: About 25 boxes packed. Kitchen is mostly done, family room, dining room are almost done. Wondering exactly how to pack several items including 6 ft. fake fichus.

Biggest Question: Why is it a good idea to collect dishes? I'm questioning my love of dishware now that I've packed it all.

Kids: I found a great task for them. Writing on the boxes. After I label the boxes, it's their job to make the boxes pretty. They're doing a fine job.


  • At 5:52 AM , Blogger J said...

    Oh, the pain in my wallet you've just dredged up!



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