Maggie Makes Four!

This journal started off documenting the adoption of our youngest daughter. It now follows the twist and turns of our lives as we raise these two amazing little creatures into the best women they can become.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Hair Raising Adventure

It's become my personal mission to get my kid's hair to curl. The other night, while I was supposed to be packing my house, I coaxed both girls back into the bathroom. I have to admit, it doesn't take much coaxing, they love having their hair done.

I started with the Magster. I examined her hair closely. Her hair is fine and not super thick, so I gelled her hair and pulled out my new curling iron. I curled, then sprayed with hairspary, then repeated all over her head. When I was finished, I picked out her brush and sprayed again.

As soon as I finished La Nina burst into laughter, "Maggie you look like an old woman," La Nina cried out.

And you know, Maggie did look like an old woman. In fact, I think I ran into her once in China town. Her hair was formed into the perfect helmet head of curls. Think grandma, pushing a cart on her walk to the senior center and that is what Maggie's hair looked like. My poor darling. The good news is the Magster ignored her sister, looked in a mirror and declared herself beautiful. Thank goodness for her sunny little soul. I decided the problem was related to the size of the curl and I made a note, that I needed to go down a half inch in iron diameter. I'll need to practice again to get bouncy dancer hair, not grandmother on her way shopping hair.

Next, I turned my hair products and appliances onto La NIna. Again, I examined the hair. La NIna has more hair than anyone I've ever seen. It's medium thickness. So, I went mousse, hairspray, curling iron with hairspray. The back of her hair turned out perfect and held for 2 hours, a world record. The top part that is supposed to be super curly didn't work at all. I need one of those tiny curling irons for that.

Now La Nina's hair looked darling. She stood up looked in the mirror, gave her self a few poses and declard she looked like a princess. So, I'm closer.

So, I now own 3 new curling iron, mousse, hair spray, gel, 270 bobby pins and picks. Hopefully, some thing will work and they will make it to stage with curls in their hair. I have another week to get it right, I hope my second round works well.


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